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Give Karen The Bullied Bus Monitor a Vacation

warning, this video will absolutely piss you off if you’re a human being… 

if you haven’t heard or seen it, the video shows four middle school shits verbally abusing a bus monitor. i’m appalled that this school has not openly reassured everyone that disciplinary measures have been taken (transferred to special needs school, thrown in juvie, or shot like rabid dogs)… This incident will only incite a “kind of vigilante justice some people are calling for”, as mentioned by the school’s press statement and quite frankly, i don’t give a damn about the welfare of these intolerable pig fuckers. The parents, community, and administration of this school and district failed to stop bullying; verbal abuse not to a child but to an adult. An adult! Bullying is easily categorized, recognized, handled in the hallways and it is very easy to make aware that peers are affected by harmful actions. But the real lessons are remembered when the doors open and the flock are out in the world, outside the view of those disciplining while educating. These real lessons are shared by everyone around, not just from inside, not just from the fear of retribution but from fear of losing ones self as a person. It is our responsibility as an endangered species to ourselves to recognize injustices, the inhumane treatments, and turn-a-blind-eyed actions inflicted on others whether it be on the street, in a store, in your own house, or on a bus. Bullying is not just “bullying”, its coward’s weapon that can be easily dismantled by the many who take it upon themselves to stand up and prove that one life is equal to another. 

(Footnote) I know there are many programs in school to prevent bullying and Greece Athena Middle school did have such programs. Although these kids were a few out of many, a program was not enough to prevent this from happening, hence my reasoning on why a community is more important to this techno-generation than ever before. The disambiguation of society is ever so simple; people are no longer people but words on a screen with no soul and no face. Make it known that technology is a tool, not a replacement for reality.

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